User journey

Making your idea come to live by describing it from a users perspective

Practical Information

What is this tool?

A tool that visualises how the users of your solution are experiencing and interacting with your idea. It describes how a person learns about your solution and uses it to get to the desired end result

Why do we use it?

Looking at the experience of your solution through the perspective of your target audience ensures that your plan is built around their needs, rather than around internal processes or premade plans.

Design phase:

Design research, Ideation


Pen and paper, Post its, Online tool


30 minutes - 1 hour

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A step-by-step guide

1. Take a large sheet (A3 or a flip over sheet) or use the digital worksheet.

2. On one side, write and draw down the current situation of a semi-fictional user (a persona) before they are introduced to your solution, product or service. Describe their current living situation, educational background, dreams, means of income, etc. 

3. On the opposite side of the space, you describe and visualise the expected end result that your solution will lead to if it has the impact you envision.

4. Starting from their current situation, add all of the steps the person takes to arrive at the expected end result after using your solution. Include the different stakeholders that are involved throughout their journey. 

Tip: Make the steps very practical by describing the activity and including a visual (e.g. a drawing or sketch). Avoid saying things like: “The customer learns about our product”. Rather, say for example “The customer learns about our product through a newspaper advertisement”.

How other organisations used this tool

How to use the outcomes of the tool?

Use the outcome of this tool to start prototyping and testing different parts of your solution. The journey helps you identify where you have the most assumptions, this is what should be prototyped first.

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