Creating purpose by describing the future you want to achieve

Practical Information

What is this tool?

With this tool you combine 3 ingredients into one inspirational vision statement that describes the future you want to achieve, your organisation’s added value and its purpose.

Why do we use it?

To have a clearly formulated objective for your initiative will help the project team to have a common objective and language. This will also help when you are communicating externally.

Design phase:

Setting the scene


Pen and paper


30 minutes - 1 hour

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A step-by-step guide

1. Fill in the worksheet individually. Start by describing the destination - what is the change you envision and the ideal situation?

2. Continue by filling in the purpose: Why do you want to reach the goal defined? 

3. Finally, describe the flavor: What are the skills, expertise or methodology you have to offer? 

4. Share the answers in the group and identify similarities.

5. Conclude and write up together one “Vision” for the whole group.

A vision statement should have the same characteristic of a good problem statement: user-focused, not too broad but not too specific. A vision should reflect the envision change you want to bring to the current situation, and it should be realistic!

How other organisations used this tool

How to use the outcomes of the tool?

Use the outcome of the Vision tool to communicate clearly on what you want to achieve with your project, and use it as a starting point to start coming up with solutions that can contribute towards achieving the intended results.

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