Explore how our tools have been applied
Our toolbox is highly participatory, suitable for remote use and facilitates an inclusive design process.


It's not enough to ask end users to give input and to keep them informed as a project develops. Participatory design ensures that end users are actively engaged throughout the design and development of a solution.


Our tools are designed to work remotely by teams and communities that are spread across the world. Our remotely-adapted tools come in handy in situations when it’s not safe to travel or to conduct activities on the ground; or when there are language or cultural barriers that create barriers in communication.


Every culture has their own values and norms as well as communication style and rules. Over the past decades we have worked with people from different ages, cultures, professions, interests and motivations. Our tools have been designed so they can be easily executed by non-designers and outcomes can be shared through various channels. With a shared awareness of a project’s objective and guidance through the process, anyone can be a co-creator of social change.