Learning about living
Co-creating an e-learning on sexual and reproductive health in Africa and East Asia




OneWorld UK, Oxfam Novib, UNICEF, UNFPA


2006 - 2018


Product development


Curriculum Design, eLearning, mLearning

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The taboo topic of sexual and reproductive health makes it challenging for teachers and parents to engage teenagers in open discussion and to help them make informed and healthy decisions about their bodies. To encourage teens to explore sexual and reproductive health and rights in a fun and accessible way, Butterfly Works and partner OneWorld UK co-created Learning about Living (LaL), an interactive e- and m-learning sexual and reproductive health curriculum.

Testing session

Exploring a sensitive topic with all stakeholders

To explore the topics around sexual and reproductive health that were relevant to diverse stakeholders, we started with exercises to trigger divergent thinking around the topic. We used a series of creative mapping activities to understand the topics and links to sexual and reproductive health that were most relevant to the different stakeholder groups (e.g., youth, teachers, peer educators, representatives of the Ministry of Education). From there, we were able to converge and to focus on cross-cutting topics to build our e-learning curriculum around.

Exploring a sensitive topic with all stakeholders

Working side-by-side local illustrators, scriptwriters and web designers, we co-created a prototype for an e-learning platform. The prototype was based on the themes defined through our Ideation activities as well as on character and story design relevant to the local context. We tested the prototype during a series of iterative testing rounds, where feedback was collected and shared by different stakeholders, including end users. By testing a prototype rather than a finished product, we were able to make quick and efficient adjustments to the e-learning platform before finalisation.


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