Spark, Solve, Sustain

Learning from your process and making these lessons concrete for future projects

Practical Information

What is this tool?

A framework to help you evaluate a process with a group of participants or co-workers by transforming insights into concrete actions.

Why do we use it?

It helps you to learn from the mistakes and successes you encountered in the design process by listing them. Next you also come up with concrete actions to ensure that these lessons are implemented in every future project.

Design phase:



Pen and paper, Post its, Online tool


30 minutes - 1 hour

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A step-by-step guide

1. Bring the project team together and ensure there is an open and safe atmosphere. Then you can start to fill in the four blocks: Challenges, Successes, Solutions and Actions.

2. As a team, go through the whole process of the project to refresh your memory. How did this project get started, how did it evolve? How was it designed, planned and implemented? What were the outcomes? how was it received?

3. Have the team write challenges and successes on post-its. Place these in the left-hand columns and group the challenges and successes that are similar. Challenges and successes can be big or small, external or internal. 

4. Review the challenges one-by-one. Think about how each challenge could have been prevented or solved. Capture these solutions in the middle column “Solutions”.

5. Discuss how the solutions can be integrated into future projects. Write down concrete actions and roles necessary to realise the solutions. Decide who will make sure each action is followed-up.

How other organisations used this tool

How to use the outcomes of the tool?

Use the outcomes of the Spark, solve, sustain exercise to design and implement projects in the future, or to hand over the project to another team.

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